In the near future (ish), I will be transporting my knitting patterns from Between the Lightning Bug and the Lightning to this new site, which will be dedicated to fiber. I am mostly a knitter, but crochet might rear its ugly head once in a while. I’m also hoping to learn how to spin after I finish making Christmas presents this year, so this may evolve into a blog about fiber arts in general. Spinning, dyeing, talking my husband into letting me get sheep…

In order to avoid spoiling the surprises of the holiday season, I won’t be putting up too many new patterns before Christmas. If you subscribe to my Twitter feed (@melissaipsa), you’ll get notification whenever I do put something new up on either of my blogs. As I get better and faster at this, I’ll be putting up notes on my current projects, patterns, tutorials, and reviews on fiber art stuff.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback, my crafty friends!