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I have so many words for you, dear blog, dear readers. Christmas approacheth and  my fingers have been working hard to turn out gift upon gift. Many of them were made from other people’s designs, but I do have a storehouse of my own patterns that I’ve been saving up. They will go from notes to Ravelry in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open.

I’ve also been getting better at carding wool and preparing fiber, so expect a photo post on a beginner’s follies. Also, my husband and in-laws bought me a wealth of drop spindle gadgetry for my birthday, so I have been avidly dropping the spindle. Oddly enough, I don’t think the drop in the name means you’re supposed to drop it, but c’est la vie, right?

In the meantime, while I’m not writing anything useful for you, I thought I’d share something interesting. My husband works with a lovely woman who is into antiques, and who is aware of my status as fiber-geek-in-training. She found these lovelies on one of her shopping trips and picked them up for me:

From what I gather, she didn’t know quite what they were when she bought them, just that they had something to do with fiber. That’s quite alright though–I didn’t have a clue either! John and his co-worker did a little research before giving them to me, and it turns out that they’re shuttles for weaving. The yarn bobbin sits on that pole up the center.

So that’s it, then. I just have to learn to weave.