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Avonlea Shoulder Bag

My first attempt at designing a bag was a bit…over-zealous, shall we say? Seeded side panels are picked up from and sewn together with a basket stitch gusset, then topped with a wide cabled band. The pattern is designed to include a lining and a zipper, but the criss-cross construction of the sturdy, double-knit straps would make it easy to do without the zipper.  The straps are designed to be grafted at the top using a double-knit Kitchener stitch.

Avonlea Shoulder Bag

Update 1/7/2012: I’ve decided to start charging just a small amount for this pattern. The straps use some unusual techniques, which means a lot of tech support. Charging for the pattern is how I can keep enough free time in my schedule to answer questions and provide good support. Happy knitting! -MW

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Update 2/23/2013: Thanks to Ravelry user Nemotinek for pointing out a discrepancy between the picture and the instructions. Here’s the errata for the Avonlea Cable…

Row 6: k2, p2, cf, p3, cf, p2, k2
Row 14: Repeat row 6