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I have been ogling the dragons at Annie’s Granny Design for months, and last week I finally had the time to dig out some scrap sock yarn I knew would be just perfect and dust off my crochet hooks. As you may recall, I don’t pull those sons of blackguards out for nothing.


The dragons that caught my eye were made from Lucy Ravenscar’s Fierce Little Dragon, and I think you’ll agree that all of the dragons look fiercer than mine. I blame this partially on my needlework skills and partially on my not looking closely at the samples shown. Not to self: learn some damn embroidery skills.

Notes for other n00bs like me:

  • The thick part of the back legs is supposed to be thigh muscle, not strangely large feet. #facepalm
  • I have no idea how the perky little ears on those dragons emerged from the pattern, but hey, worst case scenario: since when do lizards have ears?
  • She doesn’t explain the eyebrow ridge that gives the dragon its fierceness. Can anyone explain that to me?

Overall, the dragon was as delightful to make as crochet gets for me. I could have sat there making wings all day–I love the way she creates shape and ruffle and claws. Quite clever and not at all difficult. And the spines! Magic…except for the bit where they’re not joined as you go. Someone should figure a non-sewing way around that.

I am leaving the project inspired to start playing with patterns for knit toys, so if I’m successful, you may see a pattern for my own knit dragon design in the future. If I’m REALLY successful, it will demand no sewing or embroidering.