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Just a quick follow-up to my dyeing post–these are some of the resources I found helpful while deciding how to dye my last batch of yarn.

Using a Slow Cooker

Leethal’s post on using Kool-Aid and a slow cooker to dye yarn was very helpful the first time I dyed yarn. She uses multiple colors to produce variegated yarn–a technique I haven’t been brave enough to try yet.

Getting a Hand-Painted Look

Julie Theaker’s article at Knitty covers three different techniques. I used her slow cooker dip dye method on my most recent dyeing project and it came out beautifully.

Using a Microwave

Nell’s Instructable has some great photos and covers the technique of using a microwave. It’s a little more hands on than using a slow cooker, but definitely faster.

Getting the Right Color

It’s hard to see how the color in your dye pot will translate to yarn, but the DyeYourYarn.com has formulas for Kool-Aid, Wilton, and McCormick along with pictures of yarn samples. They also have a wide array of videos and tutorials for branching out.