Raison d’etre

I started my blogging life with a personal site meant for family and friends, which I still keep up with over at Between the Lightning Bug and the Lightning. I had about a hundred readers a week, which I thought was amazing, until I first put up a knitting pattern. Overnight, my readership skyrocketed. And fell again. I noticed the same trend: knitting posts = traffic. I’m a n00b of a knitter, I’ll be honest, and my design skills are barely out of diapers, but all you knitters seem to like my stuff anyway. The thing is, you never read any of my essays and my normal blog readers are generally uninterested in the knitting bits, so I decided to make it a little easier for everyone to find what they’re actually interested in by splitting things up. Knitting bits go here. If you want to read my personal essays and fiction, follow the link above!